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Larry Helms - Camp Manager

Here at Boiling Spring Campground, LLC we promote affordable family camping and canoeing on the Big Piney and Gasconade Rivers. Let us help plan your next outdoor adventure in the heart of the Missouri Ozarks. We have cabins, canoe, raft, kayak, float trip vacation options available.

Reservation Desk Hours: 8 A.M. - 6 P.M. Monday thru Saturday:

To make reservations or get information contact:

Boiling Spring Campground, LLC
18700 Cliff Road
Dixon, Missouri 65459

(573) 759-7294

Cell (573) 337-0543
Fax (573) 759-2623

E-Mail: larryh@dixoncamping.com

GPS: N 37°53'23'' W -92°02'10''

Additional Information:

Invasive Insect Alert!

Missouri trees and forests are now threatened by invasive foreign insects and diseases that kill trees. Don't risk starting a new infestation of an invasive insect or disease.

Transporting firewood when camping means you risk carrying tree-eating insects with you inside firewood. Bugs hiding in fire wood can crawl out, spread to trees and forest at campgrounds, state or national parks, and begin to destroy those trees and forests.

Don't move/take firewood with you on your next camping trip, RV adventure, hiking trip or up to your hunting camp. Don't bring it with you on your scout's camping trip. To help save trees buy it where you'll burn it.

We sell fire wood cut locally here in Pulaski County at our camp store, call for details and prices (573) 759-7294.


Click on the image below to learn more about our Invasive insects firewood Alert!

Note: Our campground and canoe rental is rated "Pet Friendly". While camping all pets must be kept on a leash. Do not leave your pet alone while you are floating or away from camp. Please keep in mind that we do not allow dogs that show aggression toward people or are persistent barkers. No pets allowed in our camp store, laundry or shower house. Please pick up after your pet.

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Note: At Boiling Spring Campground we spare no effort to ensure you a safe camping and floating experience, it must be understood that activities along the river include some risk. We cannot assume responsibility for personal injury, medical payment, or property loss or damage.


To view our waiver form, campground map or campground brochure click on the pictures below!

Note: All persons floating or camping must sign waiver release form. Make your pre-trip preparation the quickest and easiest, come with your waiver form already filled out. Adobe Acrobat required to open the .PDF files below.

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We close during periods of high water. Call for details...


To Make Reservations Call: (573) 759-7294...